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We Are Committed to Hiring Qualified Staff

Teachers must know how children develop, and understand that environments matter! Since children experience the environment indirectly through the teacher and through their own experiences in the classroom (Colbert, 2006). the environment must function effectively, teachers must know how to alter the environment and tailor the classroom to meet the changing interest and needs of the children as they grow and learn. Because Children learn through their environment, the center staff must constantly assess the environment, being careful not to just manage materials, but carefully add engaging components to discover. It’s important that the classrooms not influence in dramatic ways to over stimulate of bore. Teachers must have the knowledge to create spaces that are flexible and include open-ended materials. Since each child is different, the environment must provide spaces to be alone and quiet, and, exciting with opportunities for purposeful interactive play. This requires educated teachers.

Our commitment to educated staff does not just include requirements only, we are also committed to building qualified staff. As an Affiliate member of the Consortium of Early Childhood Educators we provide On the Job Training for their Apprenticeship Program.

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Lead Teacher

Cincinnati, OH, USA


Cincinnati, OH, USA

Teacher's Assistant

Cincinnati, OH, USA

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